OpenAI unveils text-to-video tool Sora

Author: NBC News

Certainly, here's a rewritten version of the provided text in English: A stunning drone shot reminiscent of travel videos has emerged, but it's not genuine. There's no actual drone, no camera, and no physical travel involved. This footage is the product of a newly unveiled tool by OpenAI called Sora. All it requires is inputting a brief text prompt, and within minutes, it generates a 60-second video clip depicting virtually anything imaginable. Breaking down this innovation is Brian Chung, and the implications are significant. This AI-generated content raises concerns, particularly in Hollywood, where animators, illustrators, and visual effects professionals worry about the potential impact on their jobs. Trade organizations and unions estimate that 21% of US film, TV, and animation jobs may be partially or entirely replaced by AI as early as 2026. Notably, this technology comes from the creators of ChatGPT, marking a substantial technological leap for the company. However, it raises concerns about the potential misuse of AI-generated content. OpenAI addresses this by implementing usage policies, rejecting violent, hateful, and sexual content, as well as unauthorized use of celebrity likenesses and intellectual property. The company also claims to collaborate with policymakers, educators, and artists to develop and test the technology responsibly. While there are assurances that the tool won't be released to the public soon, challenges in policing such content, as seen with deepfakes, remain evident. The conversation also touches upon the broader implications, such as the potential impact on elections, given the increasing sophistication of AI in creating fake campaign materials. While OpenAI aims to consult with various stakeholders, the long-term outcome remains uncertain. Despite not being available to the public yet, the prevalence of this technology in the entertainment industry and beyond is a looming possibility. Thank you for watching. Stay informed with the latest updates on breaking news and top stories through the NBC News app or by following us on social media.